The LIFE System

Watch the video below for a demonstration on how the LIFE System works:

What exactly is biofeedback and how does it work?

Some people identify only with their physical body, but of course many readers of this site will know of the existence of the bodies or planes outside of the physical body. These finer frequency bodies are distinct vibrational energy fields extending out from the dense physical body. They are the etheric, the astral, the mental, the causal, and the spiritual.

These fields are full of information. The LIFE system enables tuning at these finer levels, using the meridian system and the chakras to interface with the physical body, thus preventing illness from reaching the denser physical levels.

The Life system is where quantum technology and acupuncture meet. They both deal with flows of low frequency energy in the body.

It is a relatively new concept in medicine to think of ourselves as information or energy fields. A parasite or a bacteria are also information fields. Matter, as quantum physics teaches us, is just an illusion. Only the field is real.

Disease can then be seen as a disruption, cessation or distortion arising in the information and energy fields. Correcting this disharmony defines bio-energetic biofeedback medicine.

What are frequencies?

Frequency means the number of waves per second. An energy field consists of many waves vibrating at a particular frequency.

Everything on our planet is vibrating at particular frequencies, including our organs and tissues. Our inner feelings and thoughts send out subtle vibrations into the environment and thus affect other humans, animals and plants and even the earth around us.

The Life system uses frequencies from the lowest end of the spectrum, and restores the right vibration and frequencies to our entire bodies so that we are in harmony.

When the physical body gets sick, it usually slows us down from our plans, or even lands us in bed. It is hard to go on doing what has to be done when the physical body breaks down. Most people though would be quite astonished if you didn’t turn up to work because you had an imbalance in your astral, mental or spiritual bodies. There’d be nothing done on almost the entire planet!

Most important to note is that by the time a physical problem occurs and is noticed in the physical body, an imbalance has already been present in the finer etheric or astral bodies. It takes time for the imbalanced frequencies to filter into the more dense physical bodies.These finer frequency bodies also exist within the borders of the dense physical body, and extend out in a pattern of concentric circles from it.

How does the LIFE System work with frequencies?

The LIFE system tests which frequencies are causing the most stress to the body. The LIFE System provides and receives dynamic and quantifiable information via an interface box, software installed on a computer and non invasive attachments to the forehead, ankles and wrists.

In fact, it collects information about an individuals reaction to over 6900 compounds and frequencies from 40 different categories in about 5 minutes.

The LIFE System practitioner then uses the information gathered to assess what needs to be modified and sends back frequencies to achieve energetic harmony; thereby ensuring any negativity is balanced and harmonized, resulting in the individual feeling more positive and relaxed, with more energy.

The Program index allows choice from thousands of frequencies to focus in on specific areas.

The programs cover a wide range of topics and include nutrition, non-invasive acupuncture, homeopathy, spinal and dermotomes, detox, emotions, and hormones plus many others, even gemstones.

What is the difference between a “practitioner” healing and a “LIFE System” healing?

Most people don’t like to cry, or at least like to visibly shed tears. In Chinese medicine, which is where my background lies, “the eyes belong to the liver”. Crying is related to the Third Chakra energies of the liver. Releasing physical tears through the act of crying releases pent up emotions and can be beneficial, but excessive crying is an imbalance. Anger also relates to the liver (in TCM), and when one emotional frequency is sustained over a long time period, it leads to physical health issues.

The longer I am a healer, the more obvious the connections in all the different aspects of the body and its subtle layers become to me. The connection between the physical body and its energy levels is the key to understanding the relationship between matter and energy.

As a Chinese medicine practitioner there are remarkable parallels between the concept of Chi or energy and the information field. As the saying goes,”We are born in a field and we die in a field”.

To facilitate healing, a skilled TCM and any other type of healer will often merge his or her whole body field with that of their patients.At the end of the day, the practitioner has to cleanse their own field and rebalance themselves.

In TCM the practitioner may be sharing his energy field with his patients, however using the LIFE System conserves the practitioner’s field. The LIFE System’s frequencies are measurable with an oscilloscope, the healing interaction is between the computer and the patient to whom it is connected. The LIFE System can also be used as a radionic instrument like most other biofeedback machines.The frequencies which are sent from the program simply assist the patient to reestablish and heal their own field.