Whether you need to release stress, detoxify your body, or you have other health issues is not the point. Simply lying on the Biomat promotes a feeling of wellbeing for a healthier mind and body.

Home users can now easily set up their Biomat to self-regulate the temperature and time that works best for each individual, receiving deep penetrating results in the comfort of their own home .

Clean Language

Clean Language was developed by the late David Grove in the 1980s as a precision toolkit for exploring clients personal metaphors.

He used it in clinical therapy, working with trauma. But it turns out that Clean Language offers helpful techniques to all professional communicators, induding IT professionals, academic researchers, school teachers and many others.

Clean Language techniques are aligned closely with the principles of empathy and understanding, as opposed to traditional ‘manipulative’ (conscious or unconscious) methods of influence and persuasion and the projection of self interest.

So Clean Language promotes better clarity of communications, neutrality and objectivity ease of understanding, and co-operative relationships.

Metaphors are extremely common in our everyday speech. Research has shown that we use up to six metaphors per minute in English, mostly unconsciously and unnoticed. This is because metaphors underpin our thinking, and bubble to the surface in the words we use. We think in metaphor, not in words. Metaphor is the native language of the unconscious mind.

Storytellers of all kinds have been using metaphor for millennia to help people to grasp complex ideas and to accept controversial suggestions. In a context of coaching or therapy, working with these metaphors can also bring about profound personal transformation and dramatic behavioural change.

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