Bioenergy Field PhotoNew Energy Vision is a new software which reveals patterns of interference of light at and beyond the visible spectrum, and shows energy dynamics at work. It works on the principle that when a photon of light travels through a subject’s energy field, it is slightly altered by the energy it has passed through.

This interaction creates light/wave interference patterns that allow an indirect view of the energy field of the subject. (The same principle operates with the LIFE System, but instead of viewing the changes in the wave pattern, they are detected by the equipment and experienced by the subject.)

Our eyes can see with both changes of amplitude and colour changes. Dark light gives small amplitude changes, and a bright light gives larger ones. With colour changes, we see the longer wavelengths as red, and the shorter ones as violet. Interference between the wave patterns takes place when the human body, which emits frequencies, interacts with surrounding light energy producing interference patterns and colours.

For example, when you look at chakra colours using this visual equipment you see a mixture of colours. However, if a chakra is healthily expressing its own colour, that colour predominates. For example, the throat chakra has more of a blue colour when it is healthy. If there is interference due to inflammation, there will be more pink colour present.

Energy imbalances often show up before the subject is aware of them, and this information is useful for the wellbeing of the subject. Wellbeing is indicated usually with lighter colours and harmonious patterns, whilst congested energy patterns are darker and tend to be distorted.

NEV is therefore a useful tool as a scanning system which shows similarities and differences within the body via its energy fields.

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