Traditional Chinese Medicine

Traditional Chinese Medicine proposed the idea more than 5,000 years ago that there is a network of energy pathways (meridians) that can be mapped to the body. Meridians oscillate or vibrate with life force (qi).

AcupunctureJust as music can affect our emotional states, promoting excitement, courage, peacefulness, melancholy, or relaxation, stimulating the “notes” or acupuncture points sends information to the body.

The meridians link all the organs, glands and body chemicals, and also interface the internal body with the external subtle bodies and the environment.

Blockage and disruption to the flow of energy in these meridians is seen as the basis of disease, and it can be corrected with Chinese medicine.

Dr Faye Stone practises TCM according to the methodology of her revered teacher, Prof Wong Lun with whom she began her studies in 1977. Prof Wong is a grandfather of Chinese medicine in Australia. Recently retired at the age of 88, he was awarded an Order of Australia (2009) for his contributions to Chinese Medicine in Australia.

Prof Wong Lun taught a holistic method which combines five main therapies into an integrated form of treatment.

Herbal medicine

  1. Acupuncture, for meridian problems,to correct the balance of qi or energy in the body.
  2. Herbal Medicine, for problems arising from the internal material substance of the body.
  3. Massage (Tui Na), including cupping and spooning, where there is a tightening or twisting of the muscles and tendons.
  4. Dietary Therapy, for poor eating habits and seasonal dietary adjustments.
  5. Physical Exercise, for lifestyle or work practices which overuse or stress the body.

Chinese Medicine is based on pattern discrimination (a description of the signs and symptoms coupled with other methods of observation), which leads to an individualised treatment. The practitioner thus goes beyond the patient’s presentation and additionally focuses on whole body constitution and well-being.

The combination of the above therapies represents a holistic strategy for treatment and prevention of disease.

Dr Mikio Sankey

Esoteric Acupuncture

More recently, in alignment with her quantum energy interests, Faye is now practising Esoteric acupuncture.

Developed by Mikio Sankey, a doctor of Oriental Medicine from Los Angeles, California, it uses encoded patterns of needle sequencing to open the chakras and expand consciousness, focussing on spiritual wellness rather than dis-ease.