My story as a healer began in 1977 when I was studying for an MSc at Melbourne University. I used to work with radioactive cancer cells in culture, and I had to wear a protective leadlined apron to protect myself. One day I was feeling as though I was coming down with the flu and I spilled a Petri dish full of cells.

Discovering Chinese medicine

herbs_bg large This shook me enough to go and see a local doctor. I asked him for some antibiotics and he refused, saying he was a locum and a naturopath as well, and they didn’t give antibiotics. He looked at me again and told me my neck was a mess (he was right, it was from the lead apron straps), and he sent me to a doctor of traditional Chinese Medicine. I made an appointment and as it was only 1977 and Chinese Medicine was virtually unknown in those days, I was a little scared.

Prof Wong, who was to become my teacher, treated me himself and after the spooning and cupping I was quite bruised on my back. That night I could hardly lie down, but I felt like a great big load had been lifted from my body. For the first time I saw that healing could remove pain out of the body, and not just numb it. Once I saw that true healing was possible, I then became an avid student of Chinese Medicine. I also progressed to a PhD in Cancer research, which I did in the daytime, and then went to Prof Wong’s clinic at night. After 12 hour days in the lab, I was quite exhausted, but after another 4 hours at night I always came back home rejuvenated. I had started to learn about energy.

The power of energy

I qualified in both the PhD and with a Diploma in TCM, and I happily practised Traditonal Chinese Medicine for about 25 years. Eventually, after years of massage and hard work, I wanted my energy for my own healing. One day a friend who practiced Shiatsu came to me with a Rife machine he had borrowed, a big black box with a special lamp, and explained to me that it worked using frequencies for healing. He wanted me to trial it for him. I was interested and began to use it but was not happy with the results.

However, it was the beginning of my passion for frequency medicine. Shortly afterwards a colleague bought a biofeedback system. We decided to work together, and so once a week for about 6 months she came to my clinic and we used it on patients. After this time, I still did not feel confident navigating it , and I saw that it was tiring to my colleague ( it was not very user friendly and quite complex). I liked the technology, but I knew there was something else out there.

One day, when I had been challenged very deeply with a series of events that almost ruined my life, I was meditating with gratitude about life, and up popped the LIFE system on my computer shortly afterwards. After talking to Dominique and Dwight Chamberlain of Wings and Images, I was very excited. The LIFE System is unique in that it generates measusurable frequencies on an oscilloscope. This satisfied the scientist in me that needed to know how a system works. It also meant that the system does all the work without using the practitioner’s energy. All the other systems I knew of used radionics, where the practitioner is included in the energy circuit

Taking a brave new leap

I went to my financial planner and organized a bank loan. I signed on the dotted line, feeling very brave because I did not really know the LIFE system or anyone using it, or the people I was buying from, and I was spending thousands of dollars that I didn’t have. Many thoughts crossed my mind at the time. Would I manage to pay for it? Would my practice use it a lot? Was I going too fast for my own good? Could I really justify such a purchase?

I went to my family to tell them what I was doing. My father, who has never really understood why I gave up a good job and career in science to be a “healer”, and who to this day does not understand what the LIFE system does, opened up his cheque book and wrote me a cheque for the full amount. This single special moment totally healed my relationship with my father, which had been very difficult sometimes in the past.

On the day I received the LIFE System in the mail, I had a dream about it. On a black background with white asterisks and exclamation marks was typed “Your life is about to change, your life is about to change.”

And it certainly has, my journey into healing goes deeper and deeper, and to this day I truly am amazed with the rejuvenation and wellness benefits of the LIFE system to me and to my patients.