Dr Faye Stone
Dr Faye Stone

Dr Faye Stone

I have been practicing Traditional Chinese Medicine since 1981, and for many years treated people with acupuncture, tailor made raw herbal formulas, massage techniques including cupping and spooning, dietary advice, and physical therapies.

I have studied Eastern Meditation Taoist systems with Mantak Chia, Professor Wong Lun and Mikio Sankey and began teaching Taoist Meditations in 1990.

In addition to this I have completed advanced training as a Biofeedback Practitioner with the LIFE System and Bioenergy Field Photography. I hold a Graduate Certificate in Neuro Linguistic Programming, and am now practicing Clean Language and Symbolic Modelling to enable a full integration and communication between Mind, Body and Spirit.

My journey & the LIFE system

My journey into the LIFE System began over 15 years ago when patients would come to me with bags of supplements they were taking and I would tell them I only practised Chinese Medicine.

One day a regular client came to me complaining of diarrhea, and after checking her pulse and tongue, I still could not fathom why. So I decide to look at all the things she was taking, simply because it seemed obvious that so many supplements had to be affecting her.

I discovered to my amazement that she was taking Magnesium in about five of the products, and was self inducing her diarrhea. Since then I have come to also realise that many health issues are also related to vitamin and mineral deficiencies in this day and age where environmental pollutants and various toxins such as heavy metals and insecticides are abundant, for example, they cannot be overlooked when assessing basic wellness.

How the LIFE System helps me

The LIFE System runs a test against no fewer than 7000 frequencies in about 4 minutes. It is beyond human effort to run a “hands on” muscle testing of such a scope in such a short time, nor so accurately, and tirelessly (important!)

The LIFE System provides me with a quick and easy way to view the overall energetic balance of a client, and also to harmonise or assist the body to regain its balance by simply sending frequencies back to the client.

There are choices of thousands of frequencies and at least 30 programs including acupuncture, chakra balancing, iridology, homeopathy, flower essences, emotions, parasites, bacteria, viruses, fungi, nerves, muscles, bones, allergens, and quite a few more topics, even gemstones. It is very user friendly, and most patients can feel it working on them to some degree.

The LIFE System enables me to work much more efficiently, and to test remedies energetically so I no longer have to recommend a product because it is supposed to be “a good one”.  Instead I can import frequencies from allergens or supplements or use published frequencies available in databases.