What is Clean Language? 

When a person comes to me for Chinese Medicine, they are asking for my opinion or “diagnosis” about their condition.

However, when someone comes for a session of Clean Language it is about helping them to clarify and know themselves.

The “Clean” in Clean Language is about the art of listening to someone and assisting that someone to observe their own inner experience without any other input that might change it. This is done by repeating back to a person exactly what they have said and then asking them minimalist questions which were developed by David Grove. The questions are so simple that they do not change the clients intent nor his language, they simply allow the client to develop their own process or experience,  which  can be seen metaphorically as the same “landscape” by both client and therapist. By doing so, the client is in a position to discover and create new desired outcomes that are potentially lifechanging. Not only does the client explore their inner world, they can change it too! 

Like a crystal with many facets, a person can know themselves and continue to find out more about themselves. The crystal is pure and belongs only to them, it is their truth which emerges, with help but not influence from the person who is supporting them to discover it.

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